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I like inspiring people to live a value-based life…

The power of the internet, education & direction can help you build a business around what matters to you most.

I believe that living a value-based life is the key to happiness and success.

Before we can bring value to anything we do, we need to first value ourselves and bring values into our lives. Everything else later.

If you want to run a business around what matters to you most, I’d love to show you how. click here for free on-demand videos.

It’s easier than ever before to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world… based on your values, and on your own terms.

Build a business that you truly love, with the flexibility you wish for!


Hello!  I’m Dipti

I love meditation, spirituality, the outdoors, and I love sharing thoughtful blogs with people across the world to help trigger positive contemplation.

I love what I do for charity as a volunteer, making a positive difference to people’s lives and adding value to the world.  Each day can be different and I love it that way.

I believe that living a value-based life is the key to happiness and success.  Before I can bring value to anything I do, I need to firstly value myself and bring values into my life.

What’s this site about?

I’ve created this site to inspire people like you to live a value-based life and help you have a business that you truly love, with the flexibility you wish for.

The power of the internet, education and right direction can help you build a business around what matters to you most.  Whether it’s your interests, hobbies or your family, it’s possible…  A flexible life!

My Story

As a kid I really wasn’t fond of studying but I was quite lucky to have landed into a great job in the city.

I was consistent and hardworking, and often spent long hours in the office supporting the work of city bankers on the trading floor.

Although I got paid well, considering my small education, I felt that the industry and most of the people at the top were quite unethical and didn’t share my values.

I fitted in charity work and home life as much as I could around my long hours, and felt there was more to life than being stuck indoors in an office not fulfilling my potential and my principles.

As years went by, I knew more and more that I could achieve greater things with my experience, skills and my love for sharing useful and empowering stuff, instead of being around moans and groans and gossip, and everything else negative.

It was often great fun and rewarding, but it would be far more rewarding to make a difference to people’s lives than to city bankers’ pay!

After over two decades of that kind of work, I was made redundant from the city job. What a breath of fresh air…! I could now be flexible with my time and do more for myself and family and friends.

I’ve since had the opportunity to do some great things. I’ve seen places and people I didn’t even know existed. “What was I doing all that time?”, I now feel.

Oh, and who wants to be stuck in a stuffy city gym when we can spend time outdoors in a location of our choice?

My work is now solely based on values and I love adding value to people and society, helping make a positive difference to the world.

So, I asked myself – “how can I keep the lifestyle I lead but be smart about earning money ethically, without sacrificing what I already do? How do I acquire an income which is not dependant on my personal time and location?”

I knew there was a way and I was determined to keep the new lifestyle I had developed and not go backwards, but instead make it better.

The answer – to have a digital business.

I can have the flexibility to do however much I want, when I want, with the freedom to be in various locations.  I just need a laptop and an internet connection. I can take my business in whichever direction I wish to… and they’re all exciting and value based.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve great things, for themselves and others, and have a fulfilling lifestyle with freedom and flexibility.

I’d love to share with you how. Go to my Start Here page to obtain the On-Demand Workshop videos, for free.  Find out : how the digital economy works and what it means to have an online business.

Wishing you success in everything you do!



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