Where Have Our Values Gone in Life and Business?

I believe that living a value-based life is the key to happiness and success.  Before we can bring value to anything we do, we need to firstly value ourselves and bring values into our lives. Business later.

In order to bring values into our life and business, we need to Invest in ourselves before we invest in anything else.

Value What?


What are you worth?  There’s no need to start counting possessions and assets.  If you don’t see your self-worth you could be worth nothing.  It’s about perspective.  Self-respect is a must.

Remain aware of your inner self and value your talents and attributes, without someone else having to validate or verify them for you.  This is self-confidence.

man with self-confidence
Person with self-confidence valuing themselves

A great way to check how you value yourself is to pay attention on what you repeat during the day, through your thoughts and your words.  Are you thinking and saying nice things about yourself or are you just putting yourself down?

Listen to yourself and make note.  It might seem odd to be saying something nice about yourself but it’s important to build on what’s already good and generate confidence.

Enhance what’s already amazing about you, without swaying over to ego.  Values are more effective when they are not loudly proclaimed.

Value Others

What about everyone else?  Of course life is not just about you.  We need to learn to value others, no more and no less than we value ourselves….. just as they are.

The more we focus on the good in others, the more we help them gain confidence.  There’ll always be something we don’t like about others, but it’s the good in them that we need to remember to focus on.

And remember to remain true to your values no matter how others behave.

Value Time

many clocks
So many clocks, so little time

Time is precious.  Money can buy many things, including clocks and watches.  But it doesn’t matter how many watches you wear on your wrist, you cannot buy time.

But what you can do is recognise the value of time, and respect both your time and that of others.

As you get into the habit of doing that… there’ll be enough.

Bringing Values Back

Our innate qualities are ultimately love, peace, truth, happiness and wisdom.  These are our spiritual values.  Give them time and recognition and allow them to come to the surface.

Like anything else, the more I practise using them the easier it becomes.

As you ponder over new and existing business ideas, or any other inspirations in life, remember yourself first.  Bring out the best in you and you’ll see the best in what you do.

To start a business where values are the building blocks, go to my Start Here page for some great insights and education.

Wishing you success in everything you do!

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