Listen to Your Instincts – You’ll be Glad You Did

Many of us often get a feeling that we need to do something or we should avoid doing something we’re about to, but we don’t always listen to that feeling, or listen to our instincts.

Do we regret it or does it make no difference to our day-to-day lives? Chances are, it does. We just don’t always notice.

Here’s what I did, or should have done!

The car key fob had not been working so well of late. Sometimes I could unlock and lock the car with no problem – with the click of a button – but sometimes I couldn’t get the button to respond.

The first time it happened I had gone for a walk in the park on a cold, wintry morning. It was very cold and I suddenly thought “Oh no, I can’t get the car to open and I’m stuck out here in the cold!”. Then it dawned on me that it could be too cold for the fob. I warmed it up a bit with my hands and my breath and hey presto, off I went feeling quite proud of myself.

I Wasn’t Listening.  Listen to Your Instincts.

listen to your instincts
broken down car in the snow

It happened again a couple of weeks later. This time it wasn’t that cold, but still cold, so I repeated the same warming up process and I drove off. My instinct told me it must be more than just the cold and that I should get the fob checked out. But did I listen to my inner voice? No. I ignored it and continued with my day. Weeks went by and I did nothing.

Then one day, I really got stuck. The fob worked when I left home, but when I parked the car I couldn’t lock it. I pressed and pressed but it wouldn’t lock and I couldn’t leave the car unlocked so I thought I’d be clever and use the keyhole to manually lock the car. Off I went.

When I returned, I unlocked the car manually like I closed it…… but off goes the car alarm!  I pressed the key fob even harder as if it would respond to pressure, but no joy. I was getting cold and frustrated, and late for where I had to go next.

Rescue Time!  Why You Should Trust Your Instincts.

listen to your instincts before rescue time
set of car keys

After a call to the car rescue company, I felt quite silly whilst I was waiting for them to arrive. I should have responded to my own wisdom, trusting my instincts and sorted out the problem with the key fob before it got to this. The battery in the key fob was really low on power, and the rescue guy had all sorts of batteries in the van EXCEPT the one I needed.  So they helped charge up the battery enough for me to unlock the car, to turn off the alarm, so I could drive to the car dealership and get the battery replaced. More time lost, but problem sorted.

Prevention is Better than Cure.  Start Trusting Your Instincts.

start trusting your instincts
living stress-free

So why am I sharing this story? In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a huge problem and I was able to solve it relatively easily. So should you start trusting your instincts or intuition? My experience says yes. It could have been a far bigger problem, and the truth is, I could have avoided it.

So here’s what I believe – value your instincts! Learn to trust your instincts, because they come from the best part of you. Listen to them and take action, don’t procrastinate. You are filled with wisdom, you just need to listen at the right time and respond. Your instincts are helping you avoid complications to make life stress-free.

As the doctors would say – prevention is better than a cure. I could have taken the car key fob to the dealership when my instincts told me to, or even just called them for advice, but I had decided not to.

Ultimately, only we are responsible for the decisions we make. Be it business or personal life, do the following:

  • Value yourself
  • Listen to yourself and respond
  • Listen to others too

You’ll find you will make the right decisions. When your instinct is speaking to you, pause and be quiet. Be present and listen carefully and take relevant action, not just for the now but with some forward thinking also.  Don’t wait until you’re forced to take action. Taking the right actions will lead to success in business and in life.

To learn more about success in business and in life, go to my Start Here page.

Wising you success and abundance in everything you do!

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