Lifting Your Spirits : 5 Ways to Lift Your Spirits

There are times when we don’t feel our best.  Something isn’t right.  We’re having a tough week, things haven’t gone right for us, or someone has said something that really gets us down.  But before that feeling sets in, we need to start lifting our spirits.

A friend once told me that if you address an injury straight away, you’re on the road to recovery.  If you ponder over it and leave it, recovery will take longer and will be much harder.

There could be various reasons for feeling down.  On the majority we blame
others for their behaviour towards us, but we can even stumble across a realisation about our self which reveals something very true, and we’re not quite ready to accept it.

The thing with truth and realisations is that it requires us to do the work to make it right.  It’s one thing to realise it and it’s another thing to take action.  But what if we’re not ready to take action?  Or maybe we don’t want to – ever.

Either way, it can get us down, and if we are down, so is our business and everything else around us.  That’s not where we want to be, so it’s time to lift our spirits back up – quickly. The quicker we do it the easier it will be.

So, how do you lift your spirits?

Here are 5 ways to lift your spirits I can recommend.  Do at least one or two of them, or better still – all of them:

1. Revision

list of self-worth to lift your spirits
making a list of self-worth

It’s revision time.  Sounds odd, but you read correctly…  go back and revise on yourself.  You know what you’re worth, you know your talents and your qualities, and you know your achievements.  However big or small they may be, they are very significant indeed.

There are things you can do that others can’t do for sure.  You have helped people and they’ve been grateful.  Remind yourself of these moments and feel how special you really are.  This is a great way to lifting your spirits.

Write these down – notebook or laptop – and ensure your list is significant enough.  Don’t be shy, write loads.  Don’t be stuck indoors with your notepad and pen, get out and get writing – be it at the local library or a posh café.  Go places for a change of atmosphere and get on the highway to lifting your spirits.

2. Music

It’s music time.  Even if you’re not a music lover, or you’re a casual listener, there’ll be some music you are secretly fond of.  Get that music out and start playing it.  Whether you’re in the mood for it or not, play it anyway!  It’s far better than pondering over how you can lift your spirits up.

Put it this way – there are plenty of other things we put up with and listen to, whether we want to or not.  Someone badgering on about something, or an awful song playing in a supermarket, so why not our favourite music?  Once the music is on, ignore it if you wish but it will soon start lifting your spirits.  Even give you goose bumps, perhaps.

3. Learn

music to lift your spirits
man on headphones enjoying listening

It’s time to learn from others.  Technology has provided great resources, so whether you go to SoundCloud, a Podcast, YouTube – listen to someone inspirational.  We may have created a long list of reasons why we are brilliant, but remember there’s always someone more brilliant than us.  Treat them as your mentor.  Listen to them frequently.

Mentors can be like the vitamins we need to keep going, and sometimes they can be as vital as oxygen.  If you’re looking for a mentor I’d love to introduce you to a couple of my mentors, meet Stuart & Jay.  They will inspire you and guide you to the best part of you, and give you and your business the direction you are looking for.  Remember, it’s always You first, before anything else.

Even if you’re not interested in business, there are great things to learn about life and how we lead it.  Here are some more recommendations of great people to listen to, to help you lift your spirits – Jay Shetty, BK Shivani, Marie Forleo.

4. Fresh Air

fresh air to lift your spirits
dandelion seeds in fresh air

It’s fresh air time.  Get out!  Be it sunny, raining, heatwave or a cold snap ….. ignore all of that.  Put on the appropriate clothing and footwear and off you go to the nearest park or open space.  Take your headphones with you if you wish but it’s more important to hear the sounds of nature.  Listen out for birds, watch what they’re doing.  Even follow them if you can.  Feel the freedom of their exhilaration.  Use your imagination and join them on their flight if you so wish and lift your spirits.

This time is for YOU so make the most of it.

5. Thank Yous.

It’s thank you time.  There are many things in life to be grateful for but when you’re not feeling our best you are very likely to forget all of them.  If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have your own laptop and access to the internet, and perhaps have your own business or looking to start one. Remember to say thank you to the things you already have and to the people in your life.

It might feel hard to do that to begin with and you may even need to put on your special specs to see the good in others, but whatever it takes, be thankful and show gratitude.  This automatically expands the greater things in life.

If you only focus on what you’re lacking in life, you’re just increasing the number of negative thoughts you create.  It’s exactly the opposite to what you need to be doing.

Just Lift Your Spirits

How ever you do it, change your mind about yourself.  It’s only a temporary period.  It might not feel like it is, and even if it’s not, convince yourself it is, otherwise it won’t shift.

Transform yourself and then you can transform your life and business.  Your business will go as good or bad, or as fast or slow, as you are going.  So, if you’re feeling sluggish, guess what, so will be your business.

I hope these tips help you on your journey.  I cannot guarantee they will work for you as they have done for me, but I sincerely hope they do.  There are of course so many other things you can do, but whatever it may be, do something.  Get yourself back up and running and your business will follow like a shadow.

Wishing you success and abundance in everything you do.

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2 Replies to “Lifting Your Spirits : 5 Ways to Lift Your Spirits”

  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    1. Dear Oprol,

      Thank you for your message and positive comment on this blog. To feel happiness and to lift your spirits is not complex at all. Start with point number 1. Write down nice things about yourself. For example, things that you are good at doing, nice things that you have done and said to others. Make sure you read them to yourself frequently. Then take your writing outdoors into the fresh air… and read them again!

      Let me know how you get on and please do get in touch through the Contact form above.

      Wishing you success and abundance in everything you do!

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