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Forty is the new 30. We have energy, creativity, drive, passion and so much to share with our loved ones and the world. If you’re in your forties, or soon approaching, you might be pondering over ideas and opportunities for jobs after 40 that provide a work-life balance.

Culture and society have trained us to always be ‘in a job’, ie, employed for someone. When we’re out of one job we immediately think, or are told to think, that we should be looking for another job. 

Here’s what happened the other day….

I was in one of my favourite cafes with my laptop and one of the friendly staff approaches me. She’s getting on a bit age-wise so probably wanted to pause for a bit. “Hello, I see you here from time to time”, she said. “Are you not at work today?” I smiled and said it was ‘work from my laptop day’. I don’t think she would have accepted the fact that I had chosen not to be in an office or behind a shop counter, like she had expected me to be.

Old-fashioned Mindset

think outside the box

That’s what I call an old-fashioned mindset. If we open up to new ideas and new concepts there are so, so many opportunities out there which do not limit us to a ‘9 to 5’ job (or possibly ‘8-6’ or even worse).  It frees us from being limited.

There can be so many limitations with an old-fashioned mindset – the set hours you need to spend in that job, the set number of days you need to dedicate, the set number of days off you can have in one year. You are therefore limited to how many holidays you can have and how many people and places you can visit. The list can go on…… but in short, it is set for you.  You can’t be where you want, when you want, because you have to ‘go to work’. So chances are there’s no work-life balance.

On another occasion, as I approached the receptionist at the physio she said “it’s a miserable day today isn’t it?” I told her it was lovely and sunny outside. In fact, I was in a T-shirt but she had only seen and experienced the outside when she left home that morning. I felt sorry for her and everyone else, for not being able to spend more time outside of the office.

Some questions to ask yourself

Life doesn’t have to be so restricting if you’re willing to open up to new ideas.  If you’re over 40, it can particularly be relevant to you.  What are the right jobs after 40? Where do you see yourself – work-wise – in the next 10 years and decades after that?

  • Am I in a job that I’d like to keep doing for the next two decades or even longer?
  • Do I want to continue working the same number of hours?
  • Is it possible to have flexibility with my time and location?
  • Do I want work-life balance?
  • Do I want to do more than just ‘work’?
  • Does having an Online Business appeal to me

Online Business

internet cafe sign

It’s no secret that the economy looks unstable and job security is quite fragile. So, you’re on the right wavelength if you’re thinking it would be great to run an online business from home, or from wherever else you wish with your laptop.

We’re all good at something, no matter how harsh you are on yourself (which you SHOULD NOT be!) There are things you enjoy doing and you do them well. So, how about use what you’re good at to create an online business? Even if you enjoy browsing the internet searching for the right thing, that’s a talent!  

Naturally, the more time and energy you put into your online business the greater the rewards. The point is, it’s possible and it’s not rocket science. You can get up and running with everything under one roof.

Chances are, you might be buzzing with ideas but just need the knowhow. Or perhaps, you haven’t a clue. Either way, with the training, the stimulation, the mentorship, the platforms…. all under one roof and one login, it’s possible. The world is going digital so I’d like you to realise the massive potential of the internet economy. Here’s a link to get the free video training.

You don’t need to continue living a life you think you have to live. Don’t be stuck in a system helping organisations fulfil their potential by their values. It can be far more rewarding putting that energy into fulfilling your own potential by YOUR values. Learn how you can create a value-based life and business that you love…. and most importantly – around what matters to you most.

Wishing you success and abundance in everything you do.

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